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BalancingAct_LogoA Balancing Act is an online simulation tool you can use to create your own City of Athens budget. Add money to your favorite services, or take them away from less-favored services. There is but one objective -- the budget must be balanced!
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View last Fiscal Year's Budget Simulation Report Here:
FY22 Budget Simulation Report

More about a balancing act

Do you know how the city’s budget works, or where the money comes from? Do you want to provide feedback on how you think the City should be spending your tax dollars? ​​
  • ​The Balancing Act budget simulation tool allows you to adjust budgets for various city departments to align resources with the services that matter most to you.

  • The key is that you  have to balance the city’s revenues and expenses – in the same way the city has to balance the budget each year before budget adoption. 

  • As more Athens residents come to understand the city’ budget development process, our goal is to increase the opportunities for resident involvement and feedback throughout each upcoming budget process.​