Leaf Collection

Public Works crews will be starting leaf collection on October 30th, 2023. Residents in Zone 12 should have their leaves curbside for collection the weekend prior to crews starting the route. Residents can also bag leaves and place them 3 to 5 feet from the edge of pavement and crews will collect them on the regularly scheduled regular brush and junk routes. Residents in later zones for collection will experience quicker service this way if they do not wish to wait for loose leaf collection in their respective zones. 


If you would like your leaves collected, please rake them 3 to 5 feet from the edge of the road and 3 to 5 feet away from any obstacles (mailboxes, trees, fences, poles, yard decorations and vehicles). Leaf piles too close to obstructions will not be picked up by leaf crews because doing so could result in property or equipment damage. Additionally, do not rake leaves over underground utilities such as water meter valve covers, etc., as this may also result in damage to utilities or equipment, which ultimately cause delays in service for residents.

Do not place any leaves in the road, in ditches or on sidewalks. In areas where there are sidewalks leaves should be placed behind the sidewalk and crews will collect them from there.

Please do not rake leaves into roadways. Doing so creates driving hazards by narrowing the width of travel lanes and makes travel lanes slick during rain events. It may also clog storm drains and pipes and can lead to localized flooding.

Leaf crews will be working in specified zones throughout the city. Once a zone is completed the crews will move to the next zone in sequential order. Once crews complete all zones they will start back at the first zone denoted on the calendar and go through all zones a second time. Crews are not able to pick up leaves on a call-in basis until two full cycles of the route have been completed. 

Leaf Routes

In 2018 Public Works implemented a new system for visiting leaf collection zones. Instead of starting in Zone 1 every year and working through Zone 12, the starting zone and order will change in four year cycles. In 2018, the first year of the cycle, crews picked up leaves in the usual pattern, starting in Zone 1 and working counter-clockwise to Zone 12. In 2019, the second year of the cycle, crews started in Zone 12 and worked clockwise to Zone 1. In 2020, the third year of the cycle, crews will begin in Zone 6 and work clockwise (Zones 6 through 1 then 12 through 7). In 2021, the final year of the cycle, crews will begin in Zone 7 and work counter-clockwise (Zones 7 through 12 and 1 through 6). In 2022 the cycle will start again. Please see the table below for a visual representation of the route schedule.

Leaf Routes

If you have any questions on leaf pick-up best practices, collection schedule, etc. , please call (423) 744-2745.